Based on the results, many aspects of your environment puts you at risk of Urban Darkening.

Urban Darkening aggressors such as UV rays, particulate matter, and ozone toxins which are typically unseen or unnoticeable in your daily life can result in dullness, uneven skin tones and dark spots. Effects may not be felt now but in the long run, these urban aggressors might seriously affect your skin's brightness.

Dr.Shirono, one of Japan's leading dermatologist and the founder of Dr.Ci:Labo, has seen many patients affected by Urban Darkening of the skin.

As such, Dr.Ci:Labo's SuperWhite 377VC has undergone numerous upgrades to better solve the evolving nature of Urban Darkening issues by delivering nourishing vitamins and brightening ingredients to the skin.

Now, as the first beauty serum in Japan incorporating the innovative ingredient Symwhite377, SuperWhite 377VC demonstrates clear results in combating Urban Darkening issues when compared to competitor products*.

*Symwhite 377 is first used in Japan in Dr.Ci:Labo's SuperWhite 377VC