Based on the Urban Darkening ASSESSMENT, your skin is extremely exposed, with all shade and no glow.

Why is that? According to your lifestyle and routines, you are regularly exposed to the 3 major skin aggressors, UV rays, particulate matter, and ozone toxins. These factors play a huge role in triggering the production of melanin on your skin, resulting in dullness, uneven skin tone and dark spots.

Urban Darkening of the skin is a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years due to increasing urbanization.

To combat Urban Darkening, Dr. Ci:Labo introduced Japan’s first melanin-blocking serum optimised with Symwhite377, a Vitamin C derivative used at the Shirono Clinic in Japan that is 7000 times more effective at inhibiting melanin production than Arbutin, an ingredient used commonly in other brightening skincare products*.

Since its development in 2009, SuperWhite 377VC has also undergone numerous upgrades to better solve the evolving nature of Urban Darkening issues by delivering nourishing vitamins and brightening ingredients to the skin.

*7,000 times better efficacy on inhibiting Tyrosinase vs. arbutin (data from Symrise)