What is Urban Darkening?

Before we get to the solution, let’s understand and uncover the problem of Urban Darkening.

Urban Darkening refers to skin that is exposed to stressors of urban living. These stressors include exposure to toxic air from factories, pollution from cars, UV rays and many more. All of which, affects your skin’s brightness.

Super White 377VC

Compared to other skincare products, its core ingredient, Symwhite377, a Vitamin C derivative, is 7000 times more effective at inhibiting the Tyrosinase enzyme than Arbutin, an ingredient used commonly in other brightening skincare products.

Melanin content significantly decreased from 1 week to 4 weeks of usage*. This indicates that the ingredients had incredible effect from the first week. Furthermore, it has 3 times more antioxidant efficacy compared to Vitamin E, and helped improve the appearance of acne scars and dark spots after 4 weeks**.

When it comes to addressing Urban Darkening, this wide range of urban skin problems and unlocking women’s beauty potential, trust none other than Japan’s first melanin-blocking skincare serum with White 377: Dr.Ci:Labo ’s Super White 377VC.


*Melanin content significantly decrease from 1 week to 4 weeks, indicating that whitening efficacy starts from 1 week, data from Symrise.

**Significant improvement in appearance of acne scars and dark spots after 4 weeks, in tests conducted by Symrise.

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