4 Steps to Virtually Pore-Free Skin

Pore Refining Concerns Icon No Perfume

No Perfume

Pore Refining Concerns Icon No Colouring

No Colouring

Pore Refining Concerns Icon No Mineral Oils

No Mineral Oils

Pore Refining Concerns Icon Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Pore Refining Concerns Icon Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free

Pore Refining Concerns Icon No Petroleum

No Petroleum Surfactant Agents

Good Pore Care = Good Skin Care

Good Skin Care starts with caring for your Pores! Labo Labo by Dr.Ci:Labo is a full skin care regimen designed to tackle those pores once and for all.*

*Individual results vary.

They Are Not Invited To The Party!
But The Pores Still Show Up! Arrrgh!

There are 2 ways they reveal themselves: As Round Pores when excess sebum stays in the pore, forcing it to open. As Diagonal Pores when skin is losing firmness and elasticity, pulling pores aside and enlarging them.

“Invisible” Should be Your Pores’ Middle Name


LaboLabo by Dr.Ci:Labo tackles the pores from all fronts, to make them tight, upright and invisible to the eye.
UNCLOG – with AHA and Lactic Acid
TIGHTEN – with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
SHIELD – with Pore Care Complex

Blackheads are formed when the pore is clogged.

Pore Refining Concerns Illustration

The lotion helps clean the pores.

Pore Refining Concerns Illustration

Pores become smaller as the skin re-establishes its elasticity. Appearance of pores is diminished.

Pore Refining Concerns Illustration

Pore Refining Concerns Illustration


Our Labo Labo pore-care range has won a number of prestigious awards.