Our Story

To Japan

Tokyo, 1995

The Dream of Eternally Beautiful Skin is Born

Dr. Yoshinori Shirono was running a dermatology clinic in Tokyo, when he learned from his patients that there were no products in the market that could resolve their skin problems.

Our Story

A Dream

He set out to create a skincare solution. Not a treatment after problems occur, but an everyday skincare regimen that refines the skin through products that deliver full nourishment without stressful components. And the dream of achieving eternally beautiful skin began.

Our Quest

Achieve Eternally Beautiful Skin

He discovered that if he could, at the same time, aid the skin’s inherent ability for moisture retention, and its ability to deliver ample amounts of stress-free nutrients to the depths of the skin, he would be able to give his clients what they were asking for – eternally beautiful skin.

Our Heroes

Unique Products

His quest for beautiful skin gave birth to Aqua Collagen Gel in 1998 – A product that revolutionised the skincare industry, sending the world of beauty into a new era where achieving good skin never needs to be a complicated affair again.

Our Heroes

Unique Products

  • Aqua Collagen Gel Super Moisture EX Beautiful Skin Powered by Super Moisture
  • Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich-Lift EX Give Your Skin the Power of Gold Lifting Therapy
  • VC100 Essence Lotion Awaken Your Skin
  • Super100 Epidermal Growth Factor Help Renew and Repair Skin
  • #NoPoreProblem #NoPoreProblem

“Beauty, Hidden Deep Within the Skin, Waiting to be Awakened”

- Dr. Shirono

Always passionate

Always surpassing

Always unique